Annunaki using the Emperior Mindset

Did the Annunaki use the Emperior Mindset?

Who Were The Annunaki and What Was Their Purpose? 

The Annunaki were a group of Gods, who descended from the Cosmos region. The Cosmos region is a part of the universe to our knowledge is a specific type of universe where order and harmony are reluctant. These Gods came to our planet in search of gold and precious minerals.

During their search they realized that they didn't have enough manpower to farm the resources they came searching for. To solve their problem, many experts believe the Annunaki created human life. The reasoning behind this was to use us humans, as slaves, in order to farm their minerals for them.


How Did The Annunaki Use The Emperior Mindset? 

This correlates to the Emperior Mindset in many different ways. First the Annunaki had a vision. They came to this planet for gold and precious resources. Knowing the goods were here but not knowing the proper techniques on how to mine for them. So instead of them giving up they figured out a way to do it themselves by linking their mindsets together. Take that into account for a second, you’re on a brand new planet with a couple other people for one specific thing. You have no idea where to start or how to get what you came searching for. But, you and the others don’t let that interfere with your mission. All of you create a specific mindset for that one goal because that's what you all desire. With your mindset linked with the end goal, you cross the finish line and get exactly what you wanted. That's exaclty what the Annunaki did to get their resources.  

Secondly, seeing how adapting a new mindset worked and how efficient they were at collecting all these new resources. The Annunaki quickly realized that they needed more manpower. But this is an even bigger problem because once again it's just them on this deserted planet. So in order to solve their problem, they supposedly create life, yes, human beings to do the work for them. As some experts say, they created human life as we know today in order to complete their mission. Now as this is a controversy for some people, this is just how experts have read artifacts and ancient ruins that were left behind. We respect all beliefs and support each and every one of you.

But put this in perspective, just imagine the amount of difficulty and struggle they went through in order to create something as massive as human life in order to truly fulfil their mission. This proves that when you put your mindset to a specific goal or aspiration, you can truly achieve anything you desire. The Emperior Mindset works and will continue to work as long as you adapt to it and allow it to take you exactly to your destination.    


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