What's the Story Behind Emperior Essentials?

Have you ever thought about how life feels just like one giant video game. For example it feels like we're constantly upgrading our character and progressing to the next level. Leveling up could be seen in numerous ways like getting the new car you wanted, possibly that job you applied for, maybe opening your new business, or even starting a family. It could even be the smaller things such as cleaning your room or completing your daily errands. We as humans, go though tedious challenges and life missions to achieve the next level status. But what if there was a way to have a built in cheat code to get to the next level faster?

Our brand, Emperior Essentials, illustrates the ability to imagine the many possibilities in life that guide you to that specific lifestyle you have always dreamt of. As long as you truly believe in what you're visualizing and remain grateful for the journey you have already gone through to get you to where you are now, your thoughts will finally grant your desires through manifestation. While on this journey we as a brand want to grant everyone the protection from Emperior's Eye and cast a protective aura through our clothing. This will not only open the gates towards increasing your past progress, but more importantly, it depict the confidence from within and the perseverance it takes to reach the goal you've been working towards. It's only a matter of time until you cross the finish line and start your next race to success.

We believe you create positive energy through the consistent generation of thoughts inside your head alongside of the emotional drive produced with each thought. We paint the picture by our phrase, Seeing is Believing. This is the first part of our story because it initiates the possibility for anyone to open their third eye, in efforts of getting a deeper understanding of the desired goal. With each powerful thought and the ability to stay grounded, mixed with the belief in Emperior's Eye protecting your journey, an inevitable result of your fantasies will evolve into realities.

There is also a backstory, on July 18, 2019 one of our influencers, Justin, passed away. Justin had a unique identity, always displaying a positive attitude and constantly showing support when times were tough. As a brand we wanted to find a way to show symbolism towards him. This is how Emperior's Eye was born, a symbol of protection, health, and restoration. When in doubt he will always be with us, protecting every path life may take us on within the journey to our desired goal.