What's Emperior Essentials All About?

Over the course of our lives we all go through different types hardships that are completely out of our control. Examples being breakups, divorce, job loss, or even worse our loved ones passing on. Emperior Essentials is a brand created to motivate you to keep moving forward, past those rough patches in our lives. We as a community want all of you to succeed and enjoy the wonders life offers.

Our message is taught through the Emperior Mindset. A mindset specifically built for those who trust and believe in it to fulfill their purpose in life. Once you adopt our mindset, you will begin to feel focused on efficiently completing all your goals and aspirations. The Emperior Mindset shines the brightest while facing life's most toughest challenges.

There are so many mentally draining aspects in life. The most common one is this "lost" feeling of not knowing what you want todo with your life. You might have a glimpse what you truly want. But in reality you're still hesitant on that idea because you might not know how to start that business you've dreamed of having. Or maybe you're too afraid to take the first steps down that particular pathway because you truly don't know if you'll enjoy it in the long term.  

By embracing the Emperior Mindset, you'll soon realize that it's perfectly normal to feel lost. Our mission is help those who are trying to decide which path is right for them and re-program their mindset, so they're mentally ready for any challenge life proceeds to throw at them.



In an addition to our brand's cultivating mindset. There is also a backstory, on July 18, 2019 one of our influencers Justin, tragically passed away. He was always being there for others and just spreading as much positivity as possible. Justin had a unique identity, always displaying a positive attitude and constantly showing support when times were tough. 

We at Emperior wanted to find a way to show symbolism to him. We decided to choose his famous tattoo, the Eye of Horus. A symbol of protection, health, and restoration. This eye will guard anyone using the Emperior Mindset from harms way. 

With this we chose to place it exactly where he had it tattooed on his body. He was the truly the first person to display the Emperior Mindset. When in doubt he will always be with us, protecting each and every one of you.