What Does Emperior Mean? 

Emperior is a specific mindset that allows those who trust and believe in it to fulfill their purpose in life. The Emperior Mindset shines the brightest while facing life's most toughest challenges. We all go through tough times in life but once you adapt this particular mindset. It will allow you to continuously stay focused on completing all your goals and aspirations life has to offer, even when you feel like the world is against you and feeling lost. This mindset was created for those needing structure, for those who need help, and for those who just won't give up in life. This is the Emperior Way and welcome to a community of like minded individuals like yourself.


When was Emperior Essentials Founded: 

Emperior Essentials became official on April 1st, 2020 and Launched on July 1st 2020 


Where is Emperior Essentials Located? 

Currently we are located in Connecticut


Do you have any type of Customer Service?

Yes, feel free to send us an email to Support@EmperiorEssentials.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


How long will it take to get my order? (I'm located in the US)

All placed orders will be PRE-ORDERS until further notice, please allow 1-2 weeks for your order will be shipped. 


Do you offer international orders / shipping?

Absolutely, everyone needs to rep the Emperior Mindset. If there's any issue at all with placing an order, reach out to us and we'll get it solved right away! 


How do I track my orders?

Once your order has shipped you will receive an email with your Postal Tracking Number, from there you can count down the days until your order arrives. (Please note; Your Order Conformation Number is NOT your Postal Tracking Number)


What is the Return Policy?

Kindly visit the Shipping and Returns Policy Forum, and all your questions will be answered.