Nike SB Dunk Mummy Giveaway Terms and Conditions

Nike Mummy Dunk Giveaway

With the latest release of the Nike Dunk Mummy, we saw how almost impossible it was to obtain for retail. I myself enter in 100s of skate shop raffles and sadly didn't get them, so because of that...

We at Emperior have decided to give back to our OG supporters as well as our Newest ones too. By providing you with a chance to get your hands on the latest Mummy Dunks, because as you know these shoes are so fire. I mean look at them. 

Mummy Dunk Giveaway Mummy Dunk Giveaway

Giveaway Rules + Terms and Conditions:



1.) Must be following us on Instagram, this is where we will be picking the winners. PLEASE NOTE WE WILL NOT CONTACT YOU OF ANY SORT OF PAYMENT TOWARDS THE SHOES. Our Instagram is @emperioressentials. 

2.) In order to enter this giveaway, this will be AN EVERY DOLLAR SPENT IS AN ENTRY INTO THE GIVEAWAY. What that means is say for example you buy a hoodie for $30 that will be 30 entries into the giveaway. We have decided on this method because we are a small brand and want to get out into the world with our message. As well as the clothes we create match vibe of the shoes so they go hand in hand. 

3.) The Giveaway will start October 29th 2021 and end at 11:59pm November 7th 2021. (10/29/21 - 11/7/21) 

4.) Winner will be drawn on NOVEMBER 10th 2021, via Instagram so please stay tuned for that. WE DO NOT HAVE THE SHOES IN HAND, WE WANT TO BE ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH YOUR SIZE SHOE. So once the giveaway ends we will contact you.  


Terms and Conditions: 


1.) This Giveaway is only open to the residents of the United States and Canada. PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS, BECAUSE IF YOU HAPPEN TO WIN AND DONT LISTEN THEN WE WILL SELECT A NEW WINNER. 

2.) Anyone of all ages will be allowed to enter, as you're just buying clothes and entering in a contest to win some shoes. 

3.) All clothes will be set as a pre order, as I am one person putting all this together. Please bare with me as I will work around the clock to fill as many orders as possible. All the clothes are made by hand, I do not use any type of manufactures. 

4.) IF YOU HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED FROM THE SITE IN THE PREVIOUS DATES YOU'RE AUTOMATICALLY ENTERED INTO THE GIVEAWAY. We know some of you have almost every piece we've ever dropped and we take note of our loyal supporters. 


Thank you all for understanding if you have any questions about anything contact the email below, Good Luck!


(I do not own any pictures above)

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